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Looking for insightful news, analysis and comment on green energy markets? Click here now to read some of my latest editorial reports or contact me to discuss possible commissions.

Is your news engine getting sluggish? Get top-notch reports on global renewables policy and energy markets by commissioning Gail Shameza Rajgor © Rage With A Smile Photography

Is your news engine getting sluggish? Get top notch reports on global renewables policy and energy markets by commissioning Gail Shameza Rajgor. Photo © Rage With A Smile Photography

I also have a wealth of experience as a magazine and web editor (scroll down or click here to discover more), social media manager, and have recently been involved in designing new branding material, advertisements and new menus for the Good Pub Guide’s Suffolk Dining Pub of the Year, the Sibton White Horse Inn.

And if you’re in need of some great photography? Then simply click here.

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Click here to read my latest blog posts on this site

Gail Shameza Rajgor in a nutshell

A business energy & environment journalist/editor for the past 20 years, and still writing and editing for several international publications, Gail Shameza Rajgor also runs a photography business in Suffolk.

Editorially, Gail contributes articles to various magazines and provides general editorial services on an ad hoc basis. Clients include:

She also covers subjects like nature conservation, wildlife protection, and business management in her blogs … diverting her attention every so often to general life survival issues like the benefits of a DIY Zumba session to get you through a crisis!

"Come any closer and I'll shoot" by Gail Shameza RajgorMeantime, Gail has focused her attention increasingly towards developing her photography skills, often combining them with her blogs. Check out “Come any closer and I’ll shoot”, for example,

or this simple but brilliant idea to get you buzzing which will give you a garden to be proud of in more ways than one and could go a long way to helping us all.

In her photography (via Rage With A Smile Photography), Gail focuses on portraits (humans and animals), events and lifestyle. She also loves capturing the natural beauty around her, be it the local landscapesseagulls or other wildlife of her home county Suffolk, or the towering trees that watch over this special landscape like majestic guardians, or even the more abstract beauty that comes from everyday objects or a footprint in the sand! And she has a real thing for animals and wildlife, as can be seen in her pet portraits section – indeed she was  Voted Best for Equestrian in June 2013!. Don’t forget to check out Gail’s Flickr site too, which is where she often posts her very latest photos first but for her full photography site go to Rage With A Smile Photography’s website now.

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 To find out more about Gail see the About page.

So welcome, enjoy, and always remember to … RAGE WITH A SMILE!

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Based in Suffolk, in the East of England, Gail is available for both photographic and editorial commissions. Email: gail.rajgor@lineone.net or Tel: +44 (0)1986 798562 for editorial or general enquiries. For photography enquiries email info@ragewithasmilephotography.com or call 07921 258583.
All images and text © Gail Shameza Rajgor/Rage With A Smile Photography unless otherwise stated.

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