GET BACK ON TRACK: An example to be followed…in pictures

All of us can get blown off course sometimes…

(and yes I know it’s Global Wind Day today!!!)

Life is sweet ... everything is on track and I'm heading in the right direction (Photo: Gail Shameza Rajgor)

Then ... uh oh! (Photo: Gail Shameza Rajgor)

Whoops! This is not where I wanted to be!! (Photo: Gail Shameza Rajgor)

But it’s how you deal with getting back on track that matters… 

Lord this is tough, but time to pick myself up and try again. (Photo: Gail Shameza Rajgor)


Phew ... I made it. Now I've just gotta remember how to fly! (Photo: Gail Shameza Rajgor)

There won’t always be someone there to save you, so…




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About Gail Shameza Rajgor

Gail Rajgor is a business journalist and editor specialising in global energy and environment issues. Her current clients include Energy Demand (Editor) and Renewable Energy Focus (Editorial Consultant and Renewables Analyst). With a career spanning the last 20 years, previous positions include Managing Editor of Renewable Energy Focus and Senior Editor of Windpower Monthly, while her freelance clients have included Renews, PV Insider, Wind Energy Update, and Tidal Today alongside general business magazines including Risk Specialist and Director. She has also produced her own magazine, Sustainable Energy Developments, in the past. Today, in addition to her freelance editorial roles, Gail is also a professional photographer running her own company Rage With A Smile Photography.
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2 Responses to GET BACK ON TRACK: An example to be followed…in pictures

  1. Anne-Marie Howe says:

    A friend will throw you a life-ring… because
    a friend is one who comes in when the whole world has gone out.

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