Ten key lessons for being successful in life

Everyone has a different definition for what it means to be successful. None of them are right. None of them are wrong either. The truth is that you and you alone will know, deep in your own heart , if you’re making a success of your life or not, because…

The only definition of success that matters is yours – as long as you are honest with yourself when coming up with your definition!

For me, there are some guiding principles which help me along the way to making my life what I want it to be. Yes I have my ups and downs just like everyone and yes some people may well consider me successful in some way, while others may think me unsuccessful, but who cares? At the end of the day, I’m in a happy place right now as I work towards my dreams and goals for the future. And isn’t that what counts?

I hope you can say the same and if not, then maybe these ten little life lessons which I’ve learnt to embrace wholeheartedly may help …

1: Never be afraid to dream…dreams, hopes and ambitions are the things that will carry you through the darkest days of your life and drive you into the light.

2: Don’t just hold tight to your dreams … follow them with all your might, otherwise you’ll never know the real possibilities of your life and all you will have at the end is a whole lot of “What ifs” and “If onlys”.

3: When things don’t turn out quite as planned, either just accept that there are things beyond your control and move on or damn well go out there and change the rules somehow!

4: Be honest with yourself, know yourself, like yourself and always have pride in who you are (unless you’re a scumbag!) … and if there’s something you don’t like about yourself then change it.

5: Be open to learning new lessons or new skills every day … nobody knows everything and none of us are right all the time. So shove the arrogance to one side because who knows what lessons you’ll learn from others to help you on the way to fulfilling your dream.

6: Smile in the face of adversity … it works!

7: Let the child within you out at least once every single day … it will boost your mind, body and spirit and get you back in touch with who you truly are.

8: Accept that you will fail at some things … we all do. It does not mean you’re a failure in life though … it’s just life lending a helping hand in guiding you along the right path for you! Look for the signs and try not to ignore them.

9: With lesson 8 in mind … Accept that sometimes, the route to fulfilling your dreams may not be the route you expected! But never let anyone bully you into giving up or not being who you are. That said … always be realistic and reread lesson 4.

10: And finally, always, always, remember: It’s your life. Don’t let anyone else dictate how it turns out. If you let them, you have no one to blame but yourself so do not look back years down the road and blame them. You have the power to make your life what you will … so BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! If you don’t, why should anybody else?

So good luck … and if you need more inspiration read this fantastic blog by Rooha Tariq and let me know what your answer is to his question: Carrots, Eggs or Coffee? For me, it’s coffee all the way (at least I’m trying!).

Now go out there and be the Superstar of your life!

Cheers all x

About Gail Shameza Rajgor

Gail Rajgor is a business journalist and editor specialising in global energy and environment issues. Her current clients include Energy Demand (Editor) and Renewable Energy Focus (Editorial Consultant and Renewables Analyst). With a career spanning the last 20 years, previous positions include Managing Editor of Renewable Energy Focus and Senior Editor of Windpower Monthly, while her freelance clients have included Renews, PV Insider, Wind Energy Update, and Tidal Today alongside general business magazines including Risk Specialist and Director. She has also produced her own magazine, Sustainable Energy Developments, in the past. Today, in addition to her freelance editorial roles, Gail is also a professional photographer running her own company Rage With A Smile Photography.
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2 Responses to Ten key lessons for being successful in life

  1. Rooha Tariq says:

    Great post..!
    Very inspiring… plus, it sums it all!

    • Been mean to say thanks again Rooha, so cheers … but prompted into action to do so, as my dear Dad just actually sent me a copy of your Carrots, Eggs or Coffee post himself (we won’t debate whether he reads my posts – Dad?!) My whole family is fast becoming a fan of yours – so keep up the great work. Thanks from all the Rajgor clan everywhere.

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