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Welcome! So who am I?

Well, I’d say I’m a hard-working, fun-loving, and totally typical Cancerian. I’ve been a business journalist and editor for the last 20 years, for the most part specialising in …

  • Energy and sustainable development,primate1_ZSEAAfricaAlive_180-0824
  • Corporate social responsibility, and
  • Climate change policy and environment issues.
Current regular clients include:

Nuclear Energy Insider, Tidal Today, Wind Energy Update and PV Insider are all part of the FC Business Intelligence Group. For Grist, I have contributed articles on both the traditional energy sector (oil, gas, coal and nuclear) and renewables for its customers’ in-house magazines such as Risk Specialist magazine (for insurance firm Jardine Lloyd Thompson), Progress magazine (for insurance firm ACE European Group) and International Commerce magazine (for law firm Holman Fenwick Willan).

A little history

Kessingland turbine_72dpi-6684I’ve published my own magazine in the past, called Sustainable Energy Developments – former UK Environment Secretary John Gummer was my regular columnist. Before that I spent two years as editor of a fortnightly newsletter for the UK power industry, while for the eight years up to the end of 2009 I worked on a leading international wind industry magazine, Windpower Monthly, where I was senior editor. The magazine remains a client for my editing services.

As well as the energy media, I have worked in the building and retail business press too (including full-time positions on Building Products and Retail Week), and been the editor of local government magazine, Public Service and Local Government.

Other magazines I have worked for (on a freelance basis) include Director, Renews (for which I was special correspondent in 2010), Risk Specialist, The Hub, and Meridian (a local London magazine covering news related to South East London including Greenwich, Blackheath, Charlton and Woolwich).

For more details on my career feel free to check out my Linkedin profile.

In addition to standard journalism and editing positions, my freelance career has also included a number of

  • Full contract publishing roles,
  • Press release production,
  • Copy writing work, and
  • Advertisement design for a number of clients.

For further details about the editorial and marketing services I can provide scroll down this page or click here. You can also:

New directions – Photography, Design, Media Management

RWASP_CARLsoft_300dpi-9834London ZooBWroar-7827While continuing to work as a freelance journalist, editor and copy writer, I now run a photography company called Rage With A Smile Photography. Based in Suffolk, I specialise in portraits, events and lifestyle/travel photography. As you’d expect, I also have a growing collection of photos relating to renewable energy. If you’re looking for a photojournalist I’m you’re girl!

Yellow Mongoose: they know how to Rage With A Smile!white2cMeantime, due to growing demand, I am also taking on more design and social media work.  Logo designs, brand development, business card design and print, websitedevelopment/managment, social media management (and tutoring), newsletters, blogging and more. All have become significant elements of my business and certainly ensures my creative juices are constantly challenged.

SWH final frontFrom just one of these services to the whole kit and caboodle for all your media needs, I can tailor the service to meet your demand (as with the Sibton White Horse Inn, starting with logo enhancement and updated brand look and feel – new business cards, pictured here).

I’m available for commissions be they photographic or editorial, for online or print publishing.

RWASP webAugu2014

On the personal front

I’m a firm believer in a healthy work-life balance. On the personal front, I can talk politics until the cows come home but just as equally spend an entire evening going mad with some music blasting out, acting like a total idiot to entertain the little folk of this world or, if I’m honest, simply to make myself feel better. Just like changing your hairstyle regularly, it works and everyone should give it a go!

Processed with MoldivWhile always the absolute professional in my working life, I will never lose the childlike enthusiasm I have for life. Besides dancing like an idiot or simply taking long walks to pacify the needs of my dog Ozzie (pictured right – handsome isn’t he?!), my idea of bliss is wondering around the forests, woods, heaths and beaches of my home county Suffolk, in the UK. Or sitting drinking coffee and just watching the world go by for a few minutes or so. Heavenly.

Meantime, now in my early 40s, I find myself at one of those cross-road/life changing stages. I seemed to have reached that point (mid-life crisis perhaps?) where I’m in need of a sense of serious rejuvenation when it comes to both my personal life and my career.

As I’ve said above, I can write about a lot more than just wind power, although of course eight years as a senior editor on a wind industry title can tend to get you typecast (not that I’m ungrateful for the work my wonderful existing clients provide, I must stress!). So …

I’m seeking out new challenges and opportunities that will put my skills and passions to good use.


My parting words to you for now?




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