Show your mum some real love this Mother’s Day…



Looking for a great Mother’s Day Gift? Then check out my latest post for Rage With A Smile Photography and grab yourself a tailor-made portrait photoshoot gift certificate.

Dani-MD2For further information contact me via this site or email me via Rage With A Smile Photography.

Have a great week everyone!

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The stress-free 5-point checklist for last minute Christmas shopping

Still need to find the perfect Christmas present and all too aware that time is fast running out? Don’t panic!

First: Like little Eben pictured here, just sleep on it for a bit.

Eben and Ava shoot-7896-2

Next: Click here and check out this blog outlining a 5-point checklist for the perfect last minute Christmas gift ideas and shopping experience.

Then: Sit back and smile, knowing your Christmas gift conundrum has been solved and you can focus on enjoying the festive season without any worry. Cheers!x

EbenandAva5-IMG_7779 - Version 2-1

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“So what do you do?” My answer for the last 2 months…

Like many people, I am often asked … “So what do you do?” Here’s the answer in terms of my working life as a self-employed freelancer just this past 2 months alone.


As I have been for all my working life (since the early 1990s) I am still a business journalist and editor – specialising in energy. It remains my bread and butter so to speak and here’s why. Since 1st October 2014 I have written 10,000 on the European energy-from-waste market, more than 3000 words on risk and opportunities for the global oil and gas industry as we head into 2015, a detail assessment of the UK nuclear industry, a feature on latest developments in solar power technology, another on hydro power, and as those who know me all too well will have guessed … yes I still write on wind power (major deadline looming in fact). Simple fact is it generally pays well, keeps my analytical mind ticking, and I’m damn good at it!


Meantime, I love to Rage With A Smile as a portrait and event photographer in Suffolk – and the fact that I am a big kid that little kids get on with seems to help with that too. No more words needed … thesFather and daughter_SWH festival2014-FBe are some examples from the last few months.

Left: Ava – a gorgeous little girl with so much character!

Right: A father and daughter at a recent beer and music festival

Below: two collages from recent photoshoots last month.

When I'm not writing about energy I'm working as a photographer in Suffolk getting splashed at pool parties!

When I’m not writing about energy I’m working as a photographer in Suffolk getting splashed at pool parties!

Some shots from a recent photoshoot I did of this lovely lad Eben.

Some shots from a recent photoshoot I did of this lovely lad Eben.

I also take pet portraits and in my spare time I love taking wildlife and landscape shots – I do live in a county with some of the most glorious English countryside after all. Simple fact is … I am happiest when I have the camera in my hand.


I also do social media, PR and design work for some local Suffolk businesses, most notably the award winning Continue reading

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Fab day out taking a break in Africa … right here in Suffolk

We all need a break now and then don’t we? While we dream of our summer holidays to some exotic location, all too often we ignore what’s right on our doorstep.Longing for a lost love: Chimpanzee at Africa Alive

I am a passionate wildlife lover. My dream vacation? I yearn to go out on safari of course and see apes, tigers, elephants and more out in their natural habitat. As a photographer my hope is to one day capture their beauty in all its natural glory.

I live in the rural countryside of East Anglia. I am blessed. We have a bounty of beautiful animals and wildlife here … deer, hares, birds of all variety, horses galore, and farm animals of all kinds from cows and sheep to lamas.

No lions roaring though. No monkeys playing. No cheeky yellow mongoose to make us smile or lemurs jumping through the trees. No giraffes strolling elegantly. No elephants roaming. No ….

Or so I thought. I was wrong. A friend introduced me to the delights of Continue reading

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A gorgeous idea for your Valentine

What will you be doing this Valentine's Day to celebrate your love? Here's a gorgeous idea for you from Rage With A Smile Photography ...

What will you be doing this Valentine’s Day to celebrate your love? Here’s a gorgeous idea for you from Rage With A Smile Photography …


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Is India’s renewables market on the right track?

Ref India Dec13India has long been one of the leading lights for renewables and the potential for further deployment remains large. 2013 was, however, a lacklustre year for the market, leading many to ask: Is India renewables on the right track?

Whether 2014 will be a happy new year for India’s industry or not, is the question my latest four-page report for Renewable Energy Focus, published in the November/December 2013 issue, looks into. Specifically, it examines whether recent changes in policy are likely to help or hinder wind and solar power project development plans. It’s a must read for Continue reading

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The Doggie, Santa and the Cookies … a festive Christmas photo tale starring The Ozzie Man

Check out Rage With A Smile Photography’s latest blog post here. Starring The Ozzie Man … it’s a festive tale of shock, horror and dismay as Ozzie learns the truth about Santa and struggles to come to terms with it. These are just a couple of the photos from it. Merry Christmas everyone x

Check it out at : [Ozziexmas2013-1897-29]Check it out at :  [Ozziexmas2013-1868-25]Ozziexmas2013-1910-34Check it out at : [Ozziexmas2013-1880-26]

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