“Gail is doing an excellent job of driving Renewable Energy Focus forward. She is an expert in the subject matter, at home with the creative aspects of putting a magazine together, works hard and with focus, and also appreciates the commercial realities of publishing. What more could you want from an editor?”

David Hopwood, Publisher, Renewable Energy Focus (December 2012, recommendation made on Linkedin)

Gail reference from Lyn HarrisonLyn Harrison,  former owner and editorial development director of Windpower Monthly magazine, now runs wind power market communication consultancy firm Insight Wind.

“I have worked with Gail Rajgor over a number of years while I have been editor of Renewable Energy Focus magazine. I have found her to be extremely capable and a real all-rounder when it comes to news journalism, writing and editing.

She has written columns and features for us on an ad hoc basis, and is also in the frame to edit a supplement we are working on for later this year. I know she has also worked on a number of other highly reputable publications in the energy sector. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her for editorial work.”

David Hopwood, Publisher, Renewable Energy Focus (comments made in 2011, in relation to my freelance work prior to my joining the magazine as Managing Editor)


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