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_MG_4252As well as my work in the energy and environment media, my world is dominated by my passion for photography and by the glorious coastline and countryside of the place I now firmly call home… Suffolk in the East of England.


Suffolk is a place that provides me with heavenly solitude, heart-warming solace and endless inspiration to just get out there and live my life as I want to. With the launch of Rage With A Smile Photography I am certainly living that life to the full!

My photography, I hope, reflects that, be it in my abstracts, landscapes, or indeed the animal and pet portrait shots I just love to capture. And of course there are the humans! I just love capturing the sparkle in their eyes, the love in their hearts, and the simple beauties of everyday life when people are totally unaware they are being watched. That last part isn’t spying by the way … it’s street photography in all its glory. Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!!

I hope you enjoy my work – just scroll down the drop-down menu at the top of this page or click on a category below to browse some of my earlier work… but remember my latest photos are now on the Rage With A Smile Photography website and the Rage With A Smile Photography Facebook Page.

You can follow my Rage With A Smile Blog here and/or join me on instagram or twitter.

I’M ALSO ON FLICKR so you can check out more of my photos here or via FlickeFlu

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Alternatively check out my Flicker sets: Abstracts, Animals & Wildlife, Dogs, Help Save Our Bees, Flowers & Garden Life, Ozzie, and Suffolk Landscapes –  or to get the lot in one hit see All.

I’m available for commissions so please contact me if you require any further information, have a general enquiry, or would like to use any of the images here for publication and require Hi-Res versions. ©  Please note all images are subject to copyright.

LATEST PHOTO BLOG:  In Pictures: The school run invasion of a different kind

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